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Professional support to achieve a range of PCI Programs Compliance, tailored to support from small to global merchants that support all kinds of card acceptance mechanisms.



We Work Across Industries 

Different industries use different technologies and are governed by diverse compliance requirements regarding the type of testing that needs to be performed.

At OrionX, we offer a varying range of services that can be used either in isolation - as discreet work items - or combined and cater for multiple industries.

We use our portfolio of advanced information security services across industries to raise the protection of our client’s systems to a higher level, thereby enabling them to better respond to attacks against their assets.

Services tailored to your industry

Network Penetration Testing

Web Applications Penetration Testing

Mobile Applications Testing

Social Engineering Attacks

Payment-related Hardware Testing

Custom Hardware Design Testing

Source Code Review

Secure Coding Training

Why us?

We perform Offensive Security Services tailored to deliver effective security while transferring knowledge to help our customers mature their defensive strategy.

We can help you to conduct effective, value-for-money offensive operation services as part of a technical security assurance framework.

We are trusted, independent certified company who employs professional, ethical and highly technically competent professionals in cybersecurity.

We are a CREST member company certified in Penetration Testing. 

+12 years of experience

+12 languages

+20 countries

+1500 satisfied customers

Our Clients' Success Stories


dLocal case study

Cybersecurity ally for the global growth of a unicorn


PCI DSS Compliance programs

5 cont

Cloud Security Ecosystem

Rapid growth with a Cloud environment. From PCI DSS compliance programs to offensive security beyond compliance.

LOGPay case study

Security and data management for the mobility of European companies





Increasing the security posture of critical assets and keeping operations running. Supporting real-time mobility with security services external, internal, segmentation and web application penetration testing.

What Our Clients Say

"OrionX team of Foregenix consultants are genuinely interested in helping us mature our security strategies. OrionX team is able to provide offensive services as well as security compliance and consulting at the speed that is required in our industry".
Gregor J. Kovacs

Chief Information Security Officer of LOGPay

"The team of professional consultants has the capacity and specific knowledge of cloud environments to improve the security posture of our digital ecosystem. They have provided us with orientation and training in various languages according to our needs. Foregenix has shown us to have the ability and knowledge to accompany us with PCI DSS compliance programs, training in secure code development and offensive security tests (pentesting applications, network) among other information security services beyond compliance".
Javier David

Chief Information Security Officer of DLocal

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Absolutely, we have experience in several environments, businesses and technologies. We can provide bespoke security tests to any requirement. 

Yes, we manage our own infrastructure to provide secure and stable remote access globally.

OrionX can provide software (stand-alone or cloud-based) and hardware remote-based solutions that can fit any environment.

Vulnerability Assessment is a set of predefined tests to be run 100% automated.

Penetration Testing is a human-led test conducted by an expert in cybersecurity tailored to find vulnerabilities in a targeted environment.

As adversaries are humans, it makes sense to check if their procedures, tactics and techniques can be effective against your company's environment or infrastructure.


Yes, different types of penetration tests, as well as methodologies such as black-box. white-box and grey-box assessments, are designed to test your environment. 

OrionX can guide you to the best approach scenario to test your security. 

OrionX team members are not consultants repeating a procedure. We are true experts in cybersecurity, developers, sysadmins and computer geeks with strong technical skills, solid experience and technical knowledge across a wide range of technologies. We understand customer's needs and adversary techniques. 

Your consultant is committed to providing clear and timely information to make opportune decisions and implement actions across the test execution. We understand your business and communicate actively with a legitimate sense of urgency.    




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