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Elite Offensive Security

Advanced intelligence led offensive cybersecurity to stop adversaries disrupting your business. For those critical environments, where only the best will do.

We Protect Your Business

We evaluate the security posture and associated risks posed by your company with advanced tactics, techniques and procedures, according to your needs

Penetration Testing

We help you to identify, enumerate and fix hidden vulnerabilities and their associated risks on networks, web and mobile applications, infrastructure and cloud services

Attack Simulation

We find and exploit weaknesses in processes, people and technology through tactics, techniques, and procedures used by advanced threat actors

Bespoke Security Assessment

We assess the security posture of hardware and software components understanding their sensitive nature and threat profile

Secure Development Support 

We perform static application security testing (SAST),uncovering vulnerabilities by analysing the internal application structure


Who We Serve

Our clients are companies that have security as a fundamental pillar of their environment and look forward to pushing their current security posture to the next level.

Our methodologies consider the threat profile of each industry, considering the kind and criticality of the information that support the business and operations.

We offer a competitive value with advanced methodologies, and the most experienced talent to simulate real-world attacks on a controlled basis with tailored services to your company’s environment and needs.

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Making cyberspace safe for everyone

A diverse and highly qualified team

We are a team of passionate infosec experts focused on offensive operations. Team members have extensive cybersecurity background of (15+ years on average).

Our Mission


years of experience


penetration tests


We perform Offensive Security Services tailored to outperform threat actors in the race to find security weaknesses while transferring knowledge to help our costumers mature their defensive strategy. 


What Our Clients Say

"OrionX team of Foregenix consultants are genuinely interested in helping us mature our security strategies. OrionX team is able to provide offensive services as well as security compliance and consulting at the speed that is required in our industry".
Gregor J. Kovacs

Chief Information Security Officer of LOGPay

"The team of professional consultants has the capacity and specific knowledge of cloud environments to improve the security posture of our digital ecosystem. They have provided us with orientation and training in various languages according to our needs. Foregenix has shown us to have the ability and knowledge to accompany us with PCI DSS compliance programs, training in secure code development and offensive security tests (pentesting applications, network) among other information security services beyond compliance".
Javier David

Chief Information Security Officer of DLocal


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