LogPay, supporting payment service on the German mobility market

Increasing the security posture of critical assets and keeping operations running. Supporting real-time mobility with security services external, internal, segmentation and web application penetration testing.

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Security and data management for the mobility of European companies


LogPay Financial Services GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DVB Bank SE (National Association of German Cooperative Banks). As a factoring company, it buys accounts receivable in the transport market. With an annual turnover of over 4 billion euros, it's one of the top market leaders in claims management.

A subsidiary of LogPay Financial Services GmbH, LogPay Transport Services GmbH issues fuel and service cards throughout Europe. The LogPay Card allows customers to pay for fuel and services like tolls without the need for cash.

LogPay Mobility Services GmbH is another LogPay Financial Services GmbH subsidiary, which offers technical services for transport companies in Germany. LogPay Mobility provides technical support for smartphone, online and employee tickets.


The Challenge

At LogPay, it is important to keep information organised, accessible, safe, and reliable. We need to exchange information in real time with our clients and partners at the speed that the transport industry requires. During the last years, we have had Foregenix as an ally for security services including PCI compliance engagements, as well as external, internal, segmentation and web application penetration testing. 


The Solution

The Foregenix OrionX team of expert consultants facilitates our efforts to identify and eliminate issues, increasing the security posture of our most critical assets and keeping operations running. For us, having the certifications of the PCI Standards Security Council supports and provides peace of mind in carrying out important transactions. Foregenix has helped us validate our security practices with commitment and rigour.


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OrionX is an advanced offensive security team made up of the most experienced Foregenix Penetration Testers that relies on research, specialised tools, creativity and innovative techniques. As such, it inherits all of Foregenix’s experience performing highly complex Penetration Testing projects across a wide range of industries. The team is constantly trained and ready to undertake demanding projects that are beyond the capabilities of ordinary Penetration Testing organisations.


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