dLocal, supporting the right security approach for winning in emerging markets

Rapid growth with a Cloud environment. From PCI DSS compliance programs to offensive security beyond compliance.



Cybersecurity ally for the global growth of a unicorn


dLocal started with one goal in mind: to close the payments innovation gap that exists between developed and emerging economies. We are 40% cross-border payment facilitators, 40% technology company and 40% experts in localization of emerging markets. That means we are 120% dedicated to offering a comprehensive and flexible payment solution that unlocks new revenue and maximizes reach in growing markets.


The Challenge

Although dLocal was born in Uruguay, we knew that local payment challenges extended well beyond neighbouring countries. Currently, our payment coverage includes high growth emerging economies in LATAM, APAC, the Middle East and North Africa. Our multicultural team is spread across offices in Uruguay, the US, Israel, Brazil and Europe, and we have the boots on the ground in every country where we process payments. We are growing rapidly and excited about the future that awaits us. We need an ally that allows us to offer safe and reliable services.

The Solution

Foregenix  OrionX team has shown us to have the ability and knowledge to accompany us for 7+ years with PCI DSS compliance programs, training in secure coding (development of secure code) and offensive security tests (pentesting applications, network) among other security services of information beyond compliance.
Our entire ecosystem is in the cloud, which has allowed us to have exponential growth. Foregenix understands what this means and knows how to accompany and adapt to the growth rate that a Unicorn needs.


About Us

OrionX is an advanced offensive security team made up of the most experienced Foregenix Penetration Testers that relies on research, specialised tools, creativity and innovative techniques. As such, it inherits all of Foregenix’s experience performing highly complex Penetration Testing projects across a wide range of industries. The team is constantly trained and ready to undertake demanding projects that are beyond the capabilities of ordinary Penetration Testing organisations.


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